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You've no doubt heard about the value of getting a home inspection before you close the deal on a property, to get a qualified, objective assessment on the condition of your potential new home. But what happens if the home inspection turns up a red flag? ls it necessarily a deal-breaker?


A professional home inspection will give you a good understanding of the structural soundness of your house and the condition of its mechanical systems. This allows you to understand not only any immediate areas of concern, but also what to expect in terms of upcoming maintenance. Here are some possible home defects your inspection may unearth, situations where getting another, more specialized opinion may be worthwhile to help you make your decision

MOLD. lf your home inspector unearths some mold, your first instinct may be to kill the deal for fear of future mold-related health issues. Before you do that, hire a qualified mold inspector to verify the extent of the problem and advise if it's something that can be effectively treated, or if it's bad enough that you should back away from the house now.

BUGS. A home Inspector may unearth signs of a bug infestation, but to truly understand the extent of any serious structural damage to the house, invest in the services of a qualified pest expert.

CRACKS IN CONCRETE. Concrete is porous, and therefore subject to small cracks. However, if you see large cracks in concrete walls, get a professional to advise you if it's a problem that may affect the structural integrity of the house.

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