View Our Homes a blog about Calgary and Area Real Estate en-ca (C) 1996-2019 Norm Rousseau & Sylvia Garrett MaxWell Realty 120 Wed, 20 Nov 2019 06:31:56 G11T Wed, 20 Nov 2019 06:31:56 G11T Wed, 20 Nov 2019 06:31:56 G11T <p>lf the weather outside is frightful, you may currently find your self in hibernation mode. And if you're not used to spending a lot of time indoors you may start lo notice sounds you've never noticed before, including scurrying and scratching noises from inside your roof or walls.<p><a href=""><img width="453" height="634" title="image" style="display: inline; background-image: none;" alt="image" src="" border="0"></a><p>The pitter patter of little feet above your head could suggest that rodents have taken shelter inside your attic. Taking a peek inside your attic, evidence of an infestation can include chewed wiring, gnawed insulation, compromised wood, and droppings. Don't wait another minute to call in a professional pest control expert to confirm what kind of invader you're dealing with, keeping in mind that mice, squirrels and raccoons can make noises much greater than their size would suggest, especially when any noise is amplified by an unfinished attic space.<p>Once you confirm critters are inside your attic as opposed to on the outside of your house - perhaps using your roof as a super highway you'll - want the pest control people to trap and remove them before they have a chance to do real damage. What you definitely don't want to do is put poison out, as if an animal dies up n your attic you'll find yourself dealing with a situation that literally stinks. WHATS THAT NOISE IN THE ATTIC Norm Rousseau Tue, 19 Nov 2019 11:54:06 G11T <p>Woman Turns The Stump Of A 110-Year-Old Tree Into A Magical Little Library For The Neighborhood.<p><a href=""><img width="456" height="343" title="5c35b8a680f8e-dead-tree-little-free-library-sharalee-armitage-howard-2-5c3471b96a8d5__700" style="display: inline; background-image: none;" alt="5c35b8a680f8e-dead-tree-little-free-library-sharalee-armitage-howard-2-5c3471b96a8d5__700" src="" border="0"></a></p><p><a href=""><img width="452" height="452" title="5c35b8a6c1235-dead-tree-little-free-library-sharalee-armitage-howard-29" style="display: inline; background-image: none;" alt="5c35b8a6c1235-dead-tree-little-free-library-sharalee-armitage-howard-29" src="" border="0"></a></p> DO N0T REMOVE THAT OLD TREE Norm Rousseau Thu, 07 Nov 2019 04:13:10 G11T <p>Thanks to all our friends and customers for a successful October.</p><p><a href=""><img width="516" height="514" title="October Top Producers2" style="display: inline; background-image: none;" alt="October Top Producers2" src="" border="0"></a></p> October 2019 Top Producers Norm Rousseau Fri, 01 Nov 2019 06:40:14 G11T <p>City of Calgary, November 1, 2019 – Sales activity in October improved by nearly 10 per cent compared to last year, driven mostly by improvements for apartment and attached product.<p>New listings also eased, which helped reduce inventory levels and the oversupply in the market. Despite the move to more balanced conditions, the market remains oversupplied and prices continue to remain below last year's levels.<p><a href=""><img width="538" height="465" title="Annotation 2019-11-01 113619" style="display: inline; background-image: none;" alt="Annotation 2019-11-01 113619" src="" border="0"></a><p>"Employment has shifted in the city, with job growth occurring in our non-traditional sectors and often at a different pay scale. This is consistent with the shift to more affordable housing product," said CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie. Homes under $500,000 moving to more balanced conditions Norm Rousseau Fri, 01 Nov 2019 03:10:31 G11T <p>Sometimes it's not the home that stands in the way of a sale, but the seller. Below are four characteristics of successful sellers worth emulating throughout the spring market.<p>1. Successful sellers are serious about selling. They don't list just to test the waters and see what they could get if they decided to sell. Their goal is to sell - as such, they're willing to do the work (e.g. repairs) needed to make their home more marketable; they price to sell; and they take every offer seriously, keeping negotiations open by making counter-offers.<p><a href=""><img width="556" height="416" title="IMG_20191028_0001" style="display: inline; background-image: none;" alt="IMG_20191028_0001" src="" border="0"></a><p>2. Successful sellers are emotionally detached. They're better able to see their property as a product rather than their home, and, as a result, they're less likely to overprice (as they're less sentimental); they struggle less with staging their interiors to suit buye6'tastes rather than their own; and they're less likely to take offence at buyers' negative comments or low offers. SECRETS OF SUCCESS Norm Rousseau Fri, 01 Nov 2019 02:14:10 G11T <p><a href=""><img width="566" height="566" title="DaylightSavings Ends" style="display: inline; background-image: none;" alt="DaylightSavings Ends" src="" border="0"></a></p> Daylight Saving Time changes Norm Rousseau Fri, 25 Oct 2019 05:45:42 G10T <p><b>Every home sale is a unique transaction, However, there are some things every homeowner can do to help support the smooth closing of a sale.</b><p>The most immediate issue is to address the conditions of the purchase agreement that require action by you, the seller. These contingencies must be fulfilled by specific dates not meeting them means having to arrange for an extension or even losing the sale a together.<p><a href=""><img width="552" height="360" title="IMG_20191025_0001_InPixio" style="display: inline; background-image: none;" alt="IMG_20191025_0001_InPixio" src="" border="0"></a><p>Gather and make available to the buyer any paperwork relevant to the purchase and closing of your home, as called for in the purchase agreement. Making the documents available promptly is a basic courtesy and can help the buyer conclude the inspection phase. READY, SET CLOSE Norm Rousseau Thu, 24 Oct 2019 04:25:07 G10T <p><b>Whatever the reason your house might sit empty - it's a rental, you're flipping it, or you have to move out before selling - vacant homes need special consideration where insurance is concerned.</b><p>Insurers see a vacant house (one that's not being maintained, is empty of furniture, and to which the occupants aren't expected to return), as a bigger risk, as it's more like y to attract vandals and poses a greater liability r sk. That's why homeowner's insurance policies typically have vacancy exclusions.<p><a href=""><img width="551" height="312" title="Empty-Nest couple" style="display: inline; background-image: none;" alt="Empty-Nest couple" src="" border="0"></a><p>If you think your standard home insurance policy will cover your vacant property, you could be in for a rude awakening. If your insurer discovers your house has been vacant, perhaps for as little as 30 days, they may cancel your policy, deeming you to have violated your contract's terms, and deny any clams you make. EMPTY-NEST HOUSE INSURANCE Norm Rousseau Mon, 21 Oct 2019 02:35:45 G10T <p><a href=""><img width="544" height="186" title="Terminology Tip Loan to Value" style="display: inline; background-image: none;" alt="Terminology Tip Loan to Value" src="" border="0"></a></p> Terminology Tip Loan to Values Norm Rousseau Fri, 18 Oct 2019 04:47:18 G10T <p>Using the services of a professional real estate representative allows both buyers and sellers not only the best chance of a successful, real estate transaction, but also a wealth of information about the housing market both on a general scale and in the individual pocket of the city or town they live in or are moving to.<a href=""><img width="552" height="370" title="THE INS AND OUTS_InPixio" style="display: inline; background-image: none;" alt="THE INS AND OUTS_InPixio" src="" border="0"></a><p>Here is just some of the value-added ass stance your real estate sales representative can provide from inside knowledge of the local real estate market to the outside connections that support a smooth home sale or purchase: THE-INS OUTS OF THE TRADE Norm Rousseau